Portable Pool Basketball Hoops For Unlimited Outdoor Fun

picturesWithout a doubt, basketball is a popular game that can keep players physically active, fit and healthy; and it is usually played indoors or outdoors. However, as many people now take more interest in water sports, basketball is being adopted as a recreational activity that can be played in a swimming pool.

Today, people can find a wide variety of portable pool basketball hoops to purchase and enjoy unlimited outdoor fun.


Portable pool basketball hoops come with different features in terms of design, style, size, and color. Typically, the products are premium quality because they are made from polymeric materials that have great durability. Depending on the type, the parts of the portable pool basketball hoops include fiberglass, aluminum, UV-treated polyethylene, granite, and acrylic. More so, there are types that are adjustable in height while others are fixed.

Portable Pool Basketball Hoops

Would you like to install a poolside basketball hoop in your home? Here are some of the high-quality types on today’s market:

  •        Splash & Slam port regulation-size pool basketball hoop set: it has a fiberglass backboard with a 4-way leveling system that accommodates sloped decks.
  •        Junior basketball hoop: this type is ideal for kids. The product comes in two brands – Dunn Rite and Frontgate. The Frontage pool basketball hoop is designed with UV-treated polyethylene, thus making it strong and firm and its portable base can be filled with water or sand to keep it anchored during use.
  •        Poolmaster Arena-Pro composite hoop: it comes with a fully adjustable height. The hoop is made from aluminum, and the net is a polyethylene material.
  •        Lifetime pool side basketball system: it is a basketball system that can be permanently left at the swimming pool side. It basically comes in two types; one comes with adjustable height while the other one is fixed in height. The adjustable basketball system has a 44-inch acrylic backboard; the Lifetime pool side base has a 44-inch rectangular impact backboard.


The quality of these portable pool basketball hoops speaks for themselves, and they are generally affordable to an average person. For as little as $103, an individual can find a brand of good quality.

With any of the portable pool basketball hoops, you would be able to enjoy the best of the game in a swimming pool. They are highly recommended for every home where they want to enjoy the fun that comes from a water sport activity.

Don’t forget about purchasing a water basketball too. Some sets come with a water basketball and others do not.

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